Private Piano Lessons


Bringing The Power of Music To All Age Groups

There are many benefits of music education for children including improved cognitive, study and communication skills. This helps children to expand their skills in other areas of learning and helps them to be better students. Studies have also shown that learning to play a musical instrument helps the student to improve in math and reading. Children may begin taking piano lessons at age three and age four is perfect for learning to play other instruments. It is important to choose a school offering the very best classes and offer teachers with music degrees. Many people choose DEA Music and Art school because they are dedicated to providing a strong foundation and to teaching both art and music. Since they do not sell musical instruments, their focus is on offering strong artistic and musical education.


Students enjoy private classes, giving them plenty of one-on-one attention. Piano classes may be taken with a group or with a partner. Voice, piano, violin and guitar lessons are available, as well as musical theater classes. A free trial class is available to give the student and their parents the opportunity to experience the classroom environment. It also gives them the opportunity to choose the package of classes that best meets the specific needs of the child. This also helps parents to choose a package that best meets their budget.

The best way to learn more about all this school has to offer is to visit their website at There is more specific information available about the curriculum and the available classes. This school has an excellent reputation and fantastic reviews as well. It is considered to be a premier school. Students enjoy showing off their skills at the recital held at the end of the school year. The students will have the opportunity to sing or play solo or in groups.

Experts recommend piano lessons for kids starting at age three and up. The piano is usually the first instrument a child learns to play. Since there are so many benefits of music and art education, it is easy to see why so many are interested in these classes. Many children become more confident as they master an instrument and it allows them to express themselves in a healthy manner. Music and art camps are also available at this school. Sibling discounts and seasonal discounts are also available and this is something to keep an eye on. The best way to make a decision about this school and their classes is by taking advantage of the free trial class.

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